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Harbour Energy has acquired Wintershall DEA for $11.2 billion, significantly expanding its portfolio with key assets in Norway, Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico, Egypt, and Libya. Mikon reports that all Norwegian assets of Wintershall DEA are now under Harbour Energy's management, marking a significant shift in the oil and gas industry.

Here at Mikon AS, we're all about making life easier in the intricate world of oil and gas. We're excited to share that we've recently developed a new version that we believe can do just that - the Mikon Gassco API.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a metric that measures the efficiency of a manufacturing process. It considers availability, performance, and quality to provide a single value representing how effectively a production line operates.

Another year has come to an end. For Mikon, 2022 has been an eventful year, with new customers, new employees, and a new strategic acceleration plan for making Mikon even better and more user-friendly for our customers.

Learn how to set up Power BI dashboards with Mikon.

Lær å sette opp interaktive Microsoft Power BI dashboards med Mikon.

Get help to optimise your Mikon installation.

A demonstration of all the main new features of our time tested Windows Client, now rebranded as Mikon Classic, and the new version of Mikon Server.

What is Manufacturing Execution System, MES?

With Mikon Monitor, an add-on to Mikon, you will get notified when your systems haven't received what you would expect, if there are errors in the input data, connections are down, system services don't work or have slowed down.

The last few months have seen more software releases from our development team than ever in the history of Mikon. New products and new versions of existing products are all ready for deployment.

The brand new Mikon Collabor8 Subsurface integration is now in production with many of our oil & gas clients!

Learn about Mikon API, a collection of tools to access Mikon data, including the brand new RESTful Web Service.

Get an update on the latest Mikon product roadmap.